Network 24 provides businesses with network planning and design for both wide and local area networks, to ensure that your employees and business data are available and accessible around the clock.


Network 24's process for network planning and design encompasses network topology, network mapping, and network architecture, and is aimed at ensuring your new network or service will meet the needs of your company. The quality of your organisation's network design has a direct impact on the performance of your organisation's network, and impacts its reliability, predictability, capacity and its potential for future growth. As such, Network 24's project managers and engineers work alongside your team to understand your requirements in order to achieve the optimum outcome. Intelligent plans such as wireless heat maps ensure that your network components are implemented and installed to plan, whilst making management of you network simple going forward.


Network 24 believe that network topology must be designed to the unique requirements of your company using detailed, proven IT methodology. This methodical approach to network planning and design ensures that network topology, security, connectivity and support are all developed with your broader business requirements in mind.

The key benefits of Network 24's approach to network design consist of:


  • Combining your current IT infrastructure with the freshest technologies.
  • Identifying your organisation's vulnerabilities and possible opportunities.
  • Benefiting from a professional network diagram, outlining the design of your current infrastructure and a new integration plan.
  • Does your organisation predominantly rely on a wired or wireless system in order to connect to your business network?

Maximise your business operations with a well-planned network

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