Network 24 provides businesses with secure yet accessible wireless networks that are reliable, robust, simple to manage, and ready for future business growth. As requirements continue to grow for businesses to be able to access information from anywhere and at anytime, a wireless network solution from Network 24 ensures your employees will remain connected to critical data, around the clock. Whether you're looking to implement a completely new wireless network or simply refresh an existing one, the experienced team at Network 24 can help.


Network 24 is committed to the design, delivery and support of secure wireless networks to help your organisation increase its business efficiency. Network 24 can deliver secure wireless networks for organisations and constant wireless access for roaming users. Network 24 have exceeded the needs of small to large organisations with limited budgets yet high wireless aspirations.

By utilising an end-to-end approach, your wireless network will maintain consistent connections, will improve responsiveness, and increase mobility of staff with a completely seamless connection between all of your organisations' technology. Throughout the project, Network 24 can help you overcome the challenges of designing and installing a wireless network without any black spots, even in environments outside of the office, and can assist in ongoing support once the project has been completed.


Wireless connections are fast becoming the primary method of connecting to a network, and demands on business wireless are increasing as more devices connect. Network 24 can assist in the implementation or optimisation of your WLAN to ensure your network performance remains consistent and reliable on single site or multi-site deployments.

By utilising wireless heatmap technology, Network 24 can create a wireless network that offers the best coverage across required areas, and highlights the optimum place to locate your indoor or outdoor wireless access points whilst taking device density into consideration. Network 24 can also provide wireless security and guest wireless solutions, to ensure your employees and visitors can connect with low risk to your data.

Network 24 can also install lines and wired connections in order to connect your business and wireless networks to a wider area network or hosting provider. You can find out more about Network 24's connectivity solutions by clicking here.


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